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We constantly monitor metro areas across the nation to find those in the absorption or early recovery stages of the market cycle and continuously find new markets to develop in order to bring the best properties possible to our investors.

True wealth has historically been created in real estate. It has always been a popular investment, and since the collapse of the stock market, real estate has never been more attractive. In fact, over 1 TRILLION dollars has been taken out of the stock market and reinvested in the real estate arena. The problem with this is that there are too many amateur investors and companies positioning themselves as experts in the real estate market and driving up prices as a result.

That's where we come in. Our due diligence and experience in the multi-family housing market allows us to pay "C" prices for class "B" buildings in "A" locations.  Our process allows you to participate in opportunities that are difficult to find elsewhere. We deliver fairly priced properties with attractive monthly returns and appreciation potential in arguably the safest real estate sector: multifamily housing.

With cap rates and monthly returns being at the levels that they currently are, investors have a choice of either taking advantage of a 1031 tax-deferred exchange or paying the tax when they sell their investment property. Incredibly, a large number of investors are paying the tax. Wouldn't you rather avoid losing up to 50% of your investment property's value to taxes, by letting us help you take full advantage of the tax laws that can benefit you instead. We provide our investors with attractive cap rates, high monthly returns and significant appreciation potential.
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